Maresco A/S

MARESCO A/S - Danish shellfish supplier. Packed shellfish ready for shipment.

About us

MARESCO A / S was founded by current owners back in 2003 as a sales and marketing company, primarily within cold water shell-on prawn market.

Our brand is well known to all the major prawn markets as a quality label.

MARFRESH ApS was established in 2014 with the main interest in freshly chilled and lightly preserved seafood products.

Experience in the capture, production, quality assurance and marketing of prawns for more than 40 years helps to ensure our customers the best security for the products quality standard.

Our own factory trawler F / V Arctic Viking supplies our customers with first-class cold-water prawns. Serious long-term suppliers supply us with other types of shellfish products from all over the world. Production lines of high standard, served by specially trained staff ensure us stability in all our work.