Why choose products from MARESCO ?

We are your professional seafood partner and we guarantee fresh and certified produce, accurate delivery, the highest quality, brand packaging and professional service.
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Shellfish is our specialty

The main product is cold water prawns from the North Atlantic
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Our own vessel catches, processes and packages the prawns in our own packaging
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Process and quality

Our trained staff ensures high quality across all products
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A large selection of shellfish

Cold water prawns, vannamei prawns, boiled and peeled prawns, langoustines, lobsters, lobster tails and lobster claws
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Welcome to your new shellfish specialist!

We commit ourselves to providing superior quality to our clients, and that starts with your order, through the logistics, quality and processes all the way to customer service.
Our vision is to attract the right customers by offering good, stable quality across our entire product line.
Our mission is to offer high quality Nordic seafood at reasonable prices to customers across the world.

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Shellfish is our specialty!

Our main product is shell-on cold water prawns from the North Atlantic.

The experienced crew on our factory ship F/V Arctic Viking is fishing sustainably, while processing and packaging is also operated under our own brand.

When you cooperate with MARESCO A/S you get:


Fresh produce

Experienced staff

Delivery on time